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200 Legal Blog Posts

200 Legal Blog Articles: Personal Injury, Bankruptcy & More

When we hit the benchmark of our first 200 legal blog articles at the Law Offices of Andrew D. Myers, we indexed them. Blogging presents everyone with the opportunity to become part of the internet. Here, though, we focus on the areas of the law that we practice, we know […]

Top Celebrity Bankruptcies

Celebrity Bankruptcies: Famous People Who have Filed Bankruptcy

Celebrity Bankruptcies hit the headlines, and then fade away in the barrage of the 24 hour news cycle. So, just to refresh our memories, or in case you don’t read the Hollywood newspapers at the grocery store checkout, here are some of many celebrity bankruptcies: Rapper 50 Cent filed a […]

Donald Trump Running for President

Donald Trump: Lightning in a Bottle

Donald Trump, according to some, discovered lightning in a bottle. “His rise is not due to his supporters’ anger at government,  It is a gesture of contempt for government, for the men and women in Congress, the White House, the agencies.” Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal, p. A11, August 1, 2015. […]

Where debt collector abuse goes too far

Debt Collection Harassment: When Bill Collectors Go Too Far

Debt collection harassment rates number one among consumer complaints in the United States. Despite federal and state laws against abusive bill collection, overly aggressive bill collectors often call repeatedly, at all hours at home and work, and use threats in an attempt to scare consumers into paying the entire debt […]

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Frederick’s of Hollywood Bankruptcy Filing

News of Hollywood bankruptcy filings makes headlines. But this one, Frederick’s of Hollywood, ended an era of the sexy lingerie retailer’s mall stores. The company shut down all 94 of its stores in malls across the USA the week before filing on April 20, 2015. Through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy […]

What Happens to Personal Injury Claims in Bankruptcy?


Personal injury claims in bankruptcy present a challenge. As with most challenges, knowing the landscape helps address the issue. Bankruptcy laws require that all assets be identified and listed in the various petitions, statements and schedules that are part of the filing. This is because, if you’re filing a chapter […]

When Collection Activity Violates Bankruptcy Discharge

What is a Bankruptcy Discharge Violation?

  When a bankruptcy petition is filed, an automatic stay goes into effect immediately, ordering a stop to all collection activity with the force of a federal injunction.  Later, when the bankruptcy court issues a discharge, the legal obligation to pay the debts terminates. Bankruptcy stops collection activity. But what if […]

Free Legal Blog

150 Legal Blog Posts: Injury Law, Bankruptcy, Drones & More

The Law Offices of Andrew D. Myers announce that we have now posted 150 blog articles.  This milepost indicates the sharing of legal basics, the highlighting of legal trends and analysis of breaking new case law. Many of our legal blog posts focus on our two primary practice areas, personal injury and bankruptcy. But […]

Trusts A Lockbox Against Bankruptcy?

Trusts and Bankruptcy: Does A Trust Protect Property in Bankruptcy?

Sometimes people put money in a trust, thinking it’s like a lockbox.  Out of reach of liabilities including creditors in a bankruptcy filing. Is that true? Trust as a Lockbox? The ‘lockbox’ idea is somewhat common.  But there are many different types of trusts.  The individual terms of each define […]

Can I Get Loans or Credit After Bankruptcy

Can I Ever Get Credit After Bankruptcy?

New loans and credit cards may present less of a challenge than you’d think after bankruptcy. But there’s a lot to think about before bankruptcy filers drag themselves down with new loans. Bankruptcy, in the right circumstances, cleans the slate for a new financial life. The U.S. Supreme Court explained […]

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