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Legal Questions

Apportioning Fault & Double Impact Accidents

Double Impact Car Accidents & Complex Accident Claims

I was stopped at a red light when my car was rear ended.  The driver of that car came over immediately and apologized.  There were two impacts, that one and then another right away.  Apparently a pickup truck struck her.  Now her insurance company is denying liability, and the pickup is […]

Bad Reviews & The Yelp Bill

The Yelp Bill & Prohibiting Bad Reviews Online

What do you do if you order a gift for someone online and it never comes?  You call, you email and nothing? When this happened to one couple, they posted a negative review.  But then, trouble started. The company that failed to deliver sent a $3,500 invoice for violating their […]

Presidential Pardons

Thanksgiving & Pardons: Turkeys and Famous Pardons

Thanksgiving tradition dictates that the president of the United States accept a turkey from the National Turkey Federation, and that the president then pardons the bird. Spared from the dinner table, the turkey goes to a safe home at Virginia Tech to live out its life under the care of the […]

Admissibility of Social Media Posts as Evidence

Can Social Media Posts Like Facebook be Used as Evidence in Court?

Question: My subcontracting company faces a lawsuit claiming a job was not performed to specifications. Unfortunately there are pictures on Facebook showing some of my employees goofing around on the job.  I don’t think their pranks are relevant but it doesn’t look good.  Can I prevent stupid social media posts […]

When are parents liable for bad acts of children?

Are Parents Responsible For Bad Acts of Children?

Under outstanding circumstances courts hold parents liable for bad acts of children.  Liability attaches when parents overlook highly offensive childish conduct causing harm to others. Consider an actual case:  A boy named Dustin set up a Facebook page pretending to be that of one of the girls in his seventh grade class.  Apparently […]

When do we turn the clocks back this year?

When Do We Turn Clocks Back 2018?

Spring ahead, fall back.  That’s the saying, right? This year we set our clocks back one hour on Sunday morning, November 4, 2018 at 2:00 am. That goes for most locations in the United States, where by law, time marches forward by one hour every spring, then goes back one hour in the fall.   So if […]

Drones: What’s the Law on Small Private Drones? Commercial Drones?

Evolving U.S. law on drones hit a speed bump in 2014 when the Federal Aviation Administration banned, at least temporarily, commercial deliveries by drones. This blog post has been updated, with a summary of the FAA’s 2016 drone regulations.  Click here for 10 critical points under the 2016 drone law. However this post […]

Your Day in Court

What If I Didn’t Go For My Day In Court?

Can a civil case be filed more than once if there was never a real hearing in the court room?  On the first court date I couldn’t be there.  The second time the other person and I agreed to a settlement and didn’t wait around for the case to get […]

Three Reindeer Rule Saves a Nativity Scene

What Is The Three Reindeer Rule?

  The Three Reindeer Rule summarizes the law on when government Christmas displays are acceptable. U.S. Supreme Court “Three Reindeer Rule” In Lynch v. Donnelly, a 1984 U.S. Supreme Court decision, the court found that religious elements of a display were proper where they were part of a larger holiday expression including Christmas trees, […]

Non-Compete Contract Problems

Does Posting My New Job Online Violate My Non-Compete Agreement?

Can posting a new job on Facebook or LinkedIn violate non-compete employment contracts? A hairdresser switches salons.  She announces the change on Facebook.  Previous clients find her.  The old salon sues, claiming the post solicits their customers, violating non-compete and non-solicitation agreements signed by the hairdresser. The Vice President of a […]

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