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About Casino Law

Can you sue a Native American Owned Casino? Casino Law.

Q: We went to one of the casinos in Connecticut and my wife slipped and fell on a puddle of water that was coming out of a cooling unit in a restaurant. Can we bring a claim against, and potentially bring a lawsuit against, a Native-American casino for medical bills […]

200 Legal Blog Posts

200 Legal Blog Articles: Personal Injury, Bankruptcy & More

When we hit the benchmark of our first 200 legal blog articles at the Law Offices of Andrew D. Myers, we indexed them. Blogging presents everyone with the opportunity to become part of the internet. Here, though, we focus on the areas of the law that we practice, we know […]

Fools in the Law

Fools In The Law 2014

April Fool’s Day means my local newspaper column, usually answering legal questions or focusing on various laws, turns instead to what I call “Fools in the Law”.  Here are some choice legal moments over the last year. Bedford, NH.  A 25 year old man hailed a cab to take him home from a Manchester nightclub.  […]

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