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Homestead in Bankruptcy

Homestead Protection: Amounts Covered Vary by State

Think of “homestead” and you might envision a scenic home representing a historical residence or grand family estate. In the legal world, homestead law protects equity in a home from being taken by creditors. Such protections exist in state law. Nearly every U.S. state has its own homestead statute, designed to […]

Collection Lawsuits & Demands

Collection Lawsuits and Bankruptcy

Collection lawsuits annoy those who receive court papers.  People don’t want to get in debt.  The time, energy and cost of answering court papers can boggle the mind. When one of your creditors sues you in small claims court or any other court you must appear and you must file […]

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Frederick’s of Hollywood Files Bankruptcy

Frederick’s of Hollywood the sexy lingerie retailer filed bankruptcy Monday, April 20, 2015.  Don’t look for the skimpy nightware store in your local mall … the company shut down all 94 stores the week before filing. Through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, store owners planned to unload all of the bricks and mortar […]

What Happens to Personal Injury Claims in Bankruptcy?


What if you’re thinking about filing bankruptcy but you have a personal injury claim pending? Whether the personal injury claim is in court, delayed by insurance settlement holdups or even if you haven’t decided to pursue the claim but the statute of limitations hasn’t run, this is an asset. It […]

Statement of Financial Affairs

Statement of Financial Affairs – Bankruptcy

The Statement of Financial Affairs is one of many documents required in chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies. This document covers details from income to any business in which the filer has had an interest in the last six years.  Gross income is listed for the present year to date […]

Discharge of Parking Tickets

Parking Tickets and Bankruptcy – Discharged?

Parking tickets – one of the nightmares of having a car in the city. People filing chapter 7 bankruptcies find tickets can be like a bad movie, they just won’t go away. Here’s the problem:  The U.S. Congress enacted the bankruptcy code, so we can’t be surprised that the law […]

Bankruptcy Exemptions

Bankruptcy Exemptions: Why You Need Them

Like an iron gate protecting an entrance, bankruptcy exemptions protect a debtor’s property against loss in bankruptcy. Theory of Bankruptcy Exemptions In the old days when a person filed bankruptcy, the story goes, their property was taken and sold or ‘liquidated’, the proceeds then divided among creditors.  Any remaining debt was then […]

Credit Counseling is a Must Prior to Bankruptcy

Credit Counseling: Bankruptcy Requirement

Bankruptcy filings require preparation.  Bankruptcy law  makes credit counseling one step in the process.  You can’t file a valid chapter 7 or chapter 13 without completing credit counseling, earning this step the name ‘Ticket In’ to bankruptcy. Credit Counseling: “The Ticket In” Under bankruptcy law people, not businesses, must take credit counseling before filing under Chapter 7 or 13.  Credit counseling can […]

Cars in Driveway

Keeping Cars in Bankruptcy: Asset Value and Exemptions

Attorney Myers: I need to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy because I lost my job last year.  Before that, I kept up with my credit card payments, but I lived on credit cards and fell way behind.  I just started a new job with less income than before, and there’s no way I […]

Always Disclose Income in Bankruptcy

Must I Disclose Income In Bankruptcy?

Potential bankruptcy filers sometimes ask whether they really have to produce their income taxes and pay stubs when they file, isn’t this ‘nosey’ of the bankruptcy court?  After a voluntary bankruptcy petition is filed and before the creditors meeting, the person filing must disclose income.  The law requires submission of all pay […]

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