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Update: COVID-19 Legal Shutdowns in NH

COVID-19 Legal Shutdowns: A New Hampshire Update

COVID-19 legal shutdowns continue.  The New Hampshire court COVID-19 shutdown continues.  Consistent with national efforts hoping to stop the spread of the virus, New Hampshire state courts have extended the suspension of normal operations.  The initial shutdown of normal state court operations went through April 6.  That date has now […]

Accidents & Foreseeability

Car Strike Accidents & Negligence: Foreseeability

Do you remember when you rarely if ever heard about a car driving into a building? Now, if you watch the news, you see cars driving into buildings quite often. What’s with that? Are people so side tracked by cell phones and other distractions they forget they’re driving a car?  […]

Waterpark Injuries & Causes

Waterpark Injuries: What Can Happen

When visiting the waterpark, people expect a relaxing fun day in the sun with family and friends. At the same time, waterparks can present risks of their own. The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, IAAPA, reports that 83 million people visit water parks in the U.S. each year, […]

Mode of Operation approach

Slip And Fall Cases: What Is Mode Of Operation Law?

Slip and fall accident cases present a challenge in proving that the property owner knew or should have known about the hazard that caused the injury. The injured person always bears the burden of proof. The burden traditionally required the injured person to prove that the property owner either caused […]

Damages Award.

Damages – Compensatory & Punitive Damages in Products Liability Case

  The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has upheld a $20 million verdict awarded after a 29 year old woman died as a result of sliding down a defective swimming pool slide which collapsed, causing her to strike the concrete deck of a swimming pool fracturing two vertebrae. Toys R Us, […]

Are Confidentiality Agreements Necessary?

Confidentiality Agreements in Personal Injury

Confidentiality agreements in personal injury settlements are often proposed by those who have been sued. Such agreements can be enforced, even if it is a bad idea. Confidentiality provisions require non-disclosure of the terms of the agreement, or sometimes even to the fact of settlement itself, by the parties. Such […]

What to do After an Accident

What to do After an Accident

Driving down Main Street near one of my offices, a car comes out from a stop sign, slamming into the side of my car. I pull over. The other driver gets out, waves her arms “there’s a curve in the street … you were going too fast” and other gibberish. […]

Social Host Liability


  Social host liability law holds people accountable where they serve house guests liquor to the point of intoxication.  Hosts can be held liable to those injured by an intoxicated guest or, under limited circumstances, for injuries to the intoxicated guest. Social Host Liability to Guest Courts impose a heavy […]

Auto Insurance, Accidents and injuries.

Auto Insurance. Understanding Some Basics.

Auto insurance presents a necessary evil. Driving without it is folly. Driving a rolling two-ton metal box, disaster happens in a split second. Cars pose a rolling risk. Excuses for shirking off insurance include “I always drive responsibly … if I get in an accident the other guy’s insurance will […]

Establishing Cause - Injury cases

Proximate Cause: Personal Injury Claim Causation Requirement

In a famous case, a commuter runs for a train that’s just started rolling.  The man sprints across the platform.  A conductor on the train reaches out, pulling the man.  Another railroad employee on the platform pushes him onto the train.  A wrapped package falls out of the man’s hands onto […]

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