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What are Insurance Claim Secrets

Insurance Claim Secrets Revealed

Insurance Claim Secrets would be nice to know for anyone who has suffered a loss. Insurance Claim Secrets Revealed is the title of a book authored by an insider who spent decades inside the insurance industry. Insurance Claim Secrets & The Wizard of Oz Early on, the author compares the […]

Delay, Deny, Defend

DELAY, DENY, DEFEND Insurance Companies & Claims Handling

Delay, Deny, Defend: three tactics employed by much of the insurance industry in aggressively fighting insurance claims. Delay, Deny, Defend is the title of a book whose author, Jay M. Feinman, documents how the tactics are used by insurance companies to bash personal injury claims, homeowners and other claims. Personal […]

Vicarious Liability Flows Upwards to the Company

Vicarious Liability – Responsibility Flows Up

Vicarious liability is a legal theory holding one party responsible for the negligence of another.  An employee drives a company vehicle, causing an accident.  Vicarious liability holds the company responsible. Generally, vicarious liability attaches when a “master and servant” relationship exists.  If so, the master faces responsibility for the servant’s […]

Reserves And How They Reduce an Injury Claim

When new claims are reported insurance companies set something called a reserve in the process of setting up a new file.  The reserve establishes the estimated value of the accident claim.  Required as an accounting procedure, reserves enable insurance executives to estimate the company’s total potential losses. From an accounting […]

What to do After an Accident

What to do After an Accident

Driving down Main Street near one of my offices, a car comes out from a stop sign, slamming into the side of my car. I pull over. The other driver gets out, waves her arms “there’s a curve in the street … you were going too fast” and other gibberish. […]

Auto Insurance, Accidents and injuries.

Auto Insurance. Understanding Some Basics.

Auto insurance presents a necessary evil. Driving without it is folly. Driving a rolling two-ton metal box, disaster happens in a split second. Cars pose a rolling risk. Excuses for shirking off insurance include “I always drive responsibly … if I get in an accident the other guy’s insurance will […]

Minor Settlements

Minor Settlements: Why is Court Approval Required?

Minor settlements, personal injury settlements for those under the age of minority, often need court approval before funds are released. Here’s the problem: minors lack legal capacity to make binding decisions.  Minors in most cases can’t sign enforceable contracts.  So, an insurance release cannot bind a minor.  This contradicts the basic […]

Injury Do It Yourself

Injury Cases: 10 Reasons Not To Do It Yourself

10. Notice Provisions Many people understand statutes of limitation.  These laws prohibit bringing a case after a certain period of time expires.  But, notice provisions in some types of cases require proper legal notice soon after an injury takes place, sometimes 30 to 60 days.  If proper notice is not given the […]

Insurance Claims


It can take a long time for an injury claim to crawl through the insurance claims handling process.  The maze of the insurance claim handling process frustrates injured people waiting for full fair settlements, but also attorneys wanting a satisfied client and a closed file. Why does it take so long? Medical Review After documentation of […]

Sue, but have a valid case

“Can I Sue?”

  “Can I sue?” This tops the list of questions most frequently asked of attorneys. But it’s the wrong question.  The real test is whether a feasible, viable claim strong enough to warrant recovery exists.  Hypothetically if the papers are able to be filled out and the technical requirements met then in the […]

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