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Head-On Accident Damages

Head-On Collisions: Is Finding Fault As Easy As It Might Seem?

Head-on collisions top the list of motor vehicle accidents, with a fatality rate second only to intersection accidents. These accidents happen when two or more vehicles’ front ends slam into each other. Either one driver crosses the center of the road and drives into oncoming traffic, or a driver goes […]

After an Accident, What to Do

What You Should Do After A Car Accident in Massachusetts

After a car accident we’re all shocked. Over 100 thousand car accidents happen in Massachusetts every year. Car accidents cause an average of 4,500 serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents in Massachusetts every year. After a crash follow these 10 steps to preserve your right and reduce the stress and […]

Electronically Stored Information in Litigation

Electronically Stored Information in Lawsuits

People involved in civil lawsuits must comply with rules of discovery requiring that they produce documents requested by the other side. In another article we describe basic court discovery rules. But what if there are no paper documents? What if the information at issue is stored electronically, some on one […]

Massachusetts PIP

Massachusetts PIP – Personal Injury Protection

Massachusetts PIP is how medical bills related to a car accident get paid. PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection.  PIP is mandatory in all Massachusetts Auto Insurance Policies. Massachusetts PIP Basics PIP pays up to $8,000 in medical bills and lost wages caused by a motor vehicle accident.  As with most […]

New Years Resolutions Legal Angle

New Year’s Resolutions: Legal and Financial Matters

  Resolutions: Lose weight.  Exercise.  Eat Healthy.  Great. But, here are some smart New Year’s resolutions to upgrade your legal and financial status: 1.   Balance & review all accounts monthly or more often.  Rampant identity theft and big box store security breaches make this one of your top resolutions.  Some people […]

Statute of Limitations Bars Late Filing

Personal Injury: Statute of Limitations

Bars usually go with criminal law, as in “behind bars”. But, in civil law, statutes of limitation bar cases forever if not filed on time.  When the doors slam shut, there’s no going back. The “Statute of Limitations” is a legal deadline requiring a case be filed within a certain time after an event […]

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