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Construction accidents & Injuries

Construction Injuries & Illnesses

Construction workers face dangerous obstacles and risks at work every day. Construction injuries in the profession take place more frequently than anyone would hope. Centers for Disease Control statistics confirm construction work as one of the most dangerous fields of work, producing the highest number of fatalities each year compared […]

Video Surveillance: Can they do that?

Video Surveillance: Used Fairly to Kill Personal Injury Cases?

Anyone with any type of personal injury claim knows or should know that insurance companies use video surveillance to look for behavior that might contradict the claim of injury. Often used in workers compensation claims, investigators armed with small video cameras follow those making injury claims, waiting to catch them […]

Different Courts Handle Variety of Disputes

Why Are There So Many Courts? Where Do I File A Case?

Courts exist in many varieties, matching the multiple types of disputes that people have. Personal injury attorneys have a duty to diligently pursue a clients best interests, meaning selecting the right forum is critical. Federal Courts The law provides limited jurisdiction in federal courthouses. They handle only those cases specified […]

Use of Photo and Video Evidence in Court

Photo and Video Evidence: Always Allowed in Court?

Photographs and video present some of the most effective evidence possible in court. In the dark ages of photography it took a small investment to buy or rent video equipment. But now that nearly everyone has a basic camera and video capability at their fingertips through a cell phone, it’s […]

Surveillance Cameras and Privacy

Surveillance Cameras: When Do They Violate Privacy Rights?

Surveillance cameras sprout like weeds at traffic lights, stores, schools and nearly every other corner of society. Increasingly, the watched ask what about privacy and the liberty right to move about freely? This brings up the issue of privacy in court cases. Surveillance Cameras: Court Cases A young woman goes […]

Ghosts in the machine & negligence

Negligence, Gross Negligence & Willful, Wanton Conduct

Failing to use reasonable care causes negligence.  But, negligent conduct comes in degrees.  Different levels of harmful conduct can make a difference. Ordinary Negligence The “reasonable person” standard requires people to conduct themselves as a reasonably careful person would under like circumstances.  Ordinary negligence occurs when someone does something that a […]

Optimizing Personal Injury Claim


Life is a learning experience.  But sometimes, making mistakes along the way hoping to learn isn’t the best approach.  Instead, if you’re serious about something, you hire a professional. Would you get on a jetliner knowing the person in the cockpit had no training and wanted to learn to fly […]


Snow and ice cases, where injuries are claimed for a slip and fall, present unique issues. A slip and fall on slippery snow or ice can cause serious injuries. But, the happening of an accident and injuries does not automatically entitle the injured person to a recovery.  Fault must be established on […]


Like locks on a gate, liens prevent final settlement of personal injury cases until they are addressed.  Government liens, private liens, statutory liens and others lock down settlement until dealt with. Medicare & Medicaid Liens Medicare & Medicaid, by statute, have liens on injury cases where accident related bills have […]

Independent Medical Examination: Do They Care?

Independent Medical Examination in Personal Injury: the “IME”

Independent Medical Examination is anything but independent.  The exams, also called an “IME” are also not medical examinations in the sense of a physician performing an unbiased examination seeking clinical findings for the purpose of healing. IMEs are set up by insurance companies solely for insurance company purposes.  So, the correct […]

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