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Collection Lawsuits & Demands

Collection Lawsuits and Bankruptcy

Collection lawsuits annoy those who receive court papers. People don’t want to get in debt. The time, energy and cost of answering court papers can boggle the mind. When one of your creditors sues you in small claims court or any other court you must appear and you must file […]

charge off

Charge Off: What is it? Do I Still Have to Pay Charged Off Debt?

A “Charge off” is an accounting device used by creditors. Generally, if a debt has not been paid for 180 days or more, the original creditor will write off your debt, removing it from their books. It does not mean that the debt no longer exists or that you no […]

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Debt Collection Abuse. Legal Constraints on Collection

Debt piles up due to loss of employment, illness and other life events.  Outrageous interest rates, charges and fees are enough.  But, over aggressive bill collectors top it off.  Rude tactics at all hours violate the law. Abusive Debt Collection Federal law prohibits abusive debt collection.  This is conduct by debt collectors […]

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