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Estate Planning

legal peace of mind

10 Steps to Legal Peace of Mind

The New Year brings a chance to find legal peace of mind.  To clear the air from past uncertainties and to go forward into a better more organized life. I don’t believe in resolutions because they’re all too easy to break. At the same time, as an attorney I like […]

What is required for a Will?

5 Things To Know About a Will

1. Will Must Go To Probate Court Most people know that a Will tells people what you want to do with your money and other property after you pass away.  A properly executed Will can in fact be kept private until after you pass away.  But after you pass away, […]

In Terrorem Clause Benefits

In Terrorem Clause: Putting a No Contest Clause in Your Will

No-contest clauses in a will discourage or prevent people from challenging the will in court. Lawyers now rarely use the Latin language as they did at one time. But one surviving Latin language phrase known as the in terrorem clause goes into a will literally to place potential challengers “in […]

Why a Trust

10 Reasons a Trust Is Better Than a Will

Most people have the idea of doing a will in the back of their minds. But there are many reasons why a trust may well be a much better idea. You know you need something in place to take care of your affairs after you pass. Those who you leave […]

Why do I need advance care directives?

Advance Care Directives: What Are They?

Advance care directives provide an opportunity to participate ahead of time in making medical decisions in potentially life-ending circumstances. We all have the right to participate in our own health care decisions. You should have a say in your medical decisions. But there are times such as a serious accident […]

Will: Do You Need One?

How Do I Make my Will Clear Enough to Avoid Disputes?

Your will specifies how money and all other property will be distributed after death.  This is important. Without a will, the person is declared “intestate” and money and property are distributed under the laws of intestacy in the state in which the person resided. Terms of a will must be […]

Digital estate planning requires thought

Digital Estate Planning: Your Social Media Posts After You Die

Mention estate planning and most people think about leaving money or a house to people who survive them. Perhaps you are thinking of contacting an estate planning attorney Denver area or similar. Perhaps you’ve already arranged all of that. But what about all the stuff you’ve posted on social media […]

What document do I need?

Wills and other Basic Estate Planning Documents

Most people understand that a will takes care of divvying up money and property after someone dies. But other estate planning documents exist that also offer the opportunity to nail down personal affairs. What other basic estate planning documents exist? What difference exists between a Will and a Living Will? […]

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