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Legal Questions

If Voting Day Cancelled Then What

Voting Day Cancelled in Some NH Towns: What Does The Law Say?

Voting day cancelled in New Hampshire?  A number of towns across the state of New Hampshire postponed local elections in the face of a major snowstorm.  State law establishes local elections on the second Tuesday of March, or this year, March 14, 2017.  As weather forecasters predicted a Nor’easter, local […]

Internet Hacking Hits Server Company

Internet Hacking: What Happened to the Internet?

Multiple cyberattacks unlike any prior internet hacking took down or stalled major portions of the internet across the United States on Friday October 21, 2016. At 7 am a domain name server in Manchester, New Hampshire was attacked from multiple sources in what cyber experts call a Distributed Denial of […]

Legal basis for Electoral College

What is the Electoral College?

Most of us realize that the president of the United States is not elected directly by the voters.  Instead, voters select people on their candidate’s side to go to bat for them in what political people call “The Electoral College”.  There’s no actual college or campus, the term refers to […]

Drone Regulations & Registration

Drone Regulations Now Require Private Drone Registration

Drone regulations now require private drone owners to register the devices. Drone owners who previously operated “UAVs” or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of anywhere from 0.55 pounds to 55 pounds were given until February 20, 2016 to register.  Those who bought drones after December 21, 2015 face mandatory registration before flying […]

200 Legal Blog Posts

200 Legal Blog Articles: Personal Injury, Bankruptcy & More

We have now posted 200 legal blog articles at the Law Offices of Andrew D. Myers.  Blogging presents everyone with the opportunity to become part of the internet.  Here, though, we focus on the areas of the law that we practice, we know about and we care about. We often post information based […]

Drone Regulations Not Ready to Fly

Drone Regulations Proposed

Drone regulations proposed by the Federal Aviation Administration now await public comment. This post has been updated.  In 2016 the FAA issued sweeping new guidelines for commercial drone use, summarized here.  Those changes followed 2015 FAA rules requiring registration of private drones.  Click here for update. However this earlier article provides background on the […]

Can You Sue a City or Town for Failing to Remove Snow Properly?

 Can I sue the city or town for failing to remove enough snow?  I got into an accident because the road was still icy. You “can” sue but the case has a snowball’s chance in you know where. Why? In the early days of U.S. legal history “sovereign immunity” literally meant […]

Deflategate, Lawyers & Football

Deflategate Four Game Suspension Reversed by Federal Judge

One week before the first New England Patriots game of the 2015 NFL season a federal judge in New York overturned quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension for allegedly ‘being aware’ that air was being let out of footballs. Deflategate, as the scandal came to be known, started when critics claimed air […]

Boston Bomber: Impartial Jury?

Boston Bomber Trial: Impartial Jury & Change of Venue

Can Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev get a Fair and Impartial Trial in Boston? Defense attorneys filed repeated motions for a change of venue, claiming massive news coverage of the April 2013 marathon bombings makes selecting an impartial jury impossible.  Tsarnaev stands trial for his alleged role in the […]

Sony Hackers and Precedents Set

Sony Hackers: Crushing a Movie and Exposing Private Information

How do hackers from a midget country darken movie screens nationwide in the USA?  Sony hackers did just that. One Monday in November, 2014, workers at Sony Pictures, the $8 billion dollar a year movie production company arrived at work to find the corporate computer system down.  A red skeleton on monitors […]

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