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200 Legal Blog Articles: Personal Injury, Bankruptcy & More

200 Legal Blog Posts
Legal Blog Posts

When we hit the benchmark of our first 200 legal blog articles at the Law Offices of Andrew D. Myers, we indexed them.

Blogging presents everyone with the opportunity to become part of the internet.

Here, though, we focus on the areas of the law that we practice, we know about and we care about.

We often post information based on what you, our audience, our clients and newspaper column readers ask about.

The basics include what personal injury law and bankruptcy are all about.  At the other end of the spectrum, we write to keep it lively and entertain.  Always, we base what we write on actual law.  No fluff.

Our “web gurus” tell us ‘keep it relevant’.  That’s our goal.  As well as being informative and accurate.

So, in alphabetical order, here is an index of blog articles posted by us to date:


Bankruptcy Basics: Chapter 7, Chapter 13

Bankruptcy Case Timeline

Bankruptcy Discharge

Bankruptcy Exemptions: Why You Need Them

Bankruptcy: Moral? Ethical?

Bankruptcy Petition Preparers

Bankruptcy Schedules Focus on Key Categories of Filer’s Finances

Credit Counseling: Bankruptcy Requirement

Debt Collectors and Bankruptcy Violations

Discharge of Student Loans in Bankruptcy: Exception to Rule

Essex County, MA

First Meeting With Attorney: Bankruptcy – What To Take

Frederick’s of Hollywood Files Bankruptcy

Include All Income Assets and Debt

Is ADHD A Defense Against Not Disclosing All Assets?

Keeping Cars in Bankruptcy: Asset Value and Exemptions

Keeping Cars in Bankruptcy

Means Test – Chapter 7

Parking Tickets and Bankruptcy – Discharged?

Personal Injury Claims In Bankruptcy

Statement of Financial Affairs

Student Loan Debt Crisis

Suggestion of Bankruptcy

Too Broke To Go Bankrupt



Can I Ever Get Credit After Bankruptcy?

Charge Off: What is it? Do I Still Have to Pay Charged Off Debt?

Is Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy Possible?

Must I Disclose Income In Bankruptcy?

Should I File Bankruptcy? What Basics Should be Considered?

Trusts and Bankruptcy: Does A Trust Protect Property in Bankruptcy?

What Address Do You Use For Creditors in Bankruptcy?

What is a Bankruptcy Discharge Violation?

What Will The Bankruptcy Trustee Ask at the Creditors Meeting



Adverse Possession Law – Boundary Disputes

“Can I Sue?”

Can You Sue a School? When, Why and How?

Court Papers – Always Answer Complaints and Other Legal Documents

Depositions: How To Behave

Discovery in Civil Litigation

Dispositive Motions- Motions for Summary Judgement, Etc.

Electronically Stored Information in Lawsuits

He Said She Said Cases- Evidence & Credibility

Necessity: Defense in Criminal and Civil Cases

One Person’s Trash – Another Person’s Evidence



Can Social Media Posts Like Facebook be Used as Evidence in Court?

Health Care Decision or Court Review of Congressional Power?

Photo and Video Evidence: Always Allowed in Court?

Spoliation of Evidence: Penalties Available in Civil Law

Texts as Evidence: Electronically Stored Information in Court

What If I Didn’t Go For My Day In Court?

Why Are There So Many Courts? Where Do I File A Case?



Accidents Don’t “Just Happen”

Can You Sue a City or Town for Failing to Remove Snow Properly?

Cell Phones and Accidents: Is Legal Cell Phone Use Negligence?

Distracted Driving: Eating While Driving

Drowsy Driving and Serious Accidents

Impaired Drivers: Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Prescription Drugs & Marijuana

Motorcycle Accidents: Causes and Statistics

New Hampshire’s Hands Free Law

Rules of the Road: Turn Signals

Snow, Ice, Bad Drivers and Negligence

Texting and Driving: Deadly Combination with Legal Consequences

Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Massachusetts

Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections in New Hampshire

Unlicensed Drivers and Fatal Accidents



Debt Collection Abuse. Legal Constraints on Collection

Debt Collection Harassment: When Bill Collectors Go Too Far

Debt Collectors & Original Debt

Debt Consolidation and Other Options




Drone Regulations Proposed

What’s the Law on Small Private Drones? Commercial Drones?



Advance Care Directives: What Are They?

Digital Estate Planning: Your Social Media Posts After You Die

Wills and other Basic Estate Planning Documents

Your Will: Make it Clear and Precise to Avoid Disputes



Adversarial System of Law & Personal Injury Claims

Delay, Deny, Defend Insurance Companies & Claims Handling

Double Impact Car Accidents & Complex Accident Claims

Health Plan Liens on Personal Injury Cases

Injury Claim Evaluation By Computer

Injury Claim Handling: Hidden Pieces, Unknown Dynamics

Insurance Claim Secrets Revealed

Interrogatories: Why Must I Answer These Annoying Questions?

Liens on Personal Injury Cases

Mediation & Arbitration

Negotiation of Personal Injury Cases

Notice Requirements in Personal Injury Cases

Obesity Can Reduce the Value of Personal Injury Claims

Optimizing Personal Injury Claim Value: Stepping it Up

Proximate Cause: Personal Injury Claim Causation Requirement

Reserves And How They Reduce an Injury Claim

Seat Belt Use Admissibility in Injury Claims

Settlement of Personal Injury Cases: Settlement or Trial?

Statute of Limitations



Auto Insurance. Understanding Some Basics.

How the Insurance Company Will Minimize Your Injury Claim

Medical Payments Auto Insurance

New Hampshire Auto Insurance Law: Car Insurance Not Required

Unfair and Deceptive Insurance Practices

Unfair and Deceptive Practices in the Business of Insurance: An Update



Insurance Exclusions: When is a Comma Worth One Million Dollars?

No Fault Insurance: What Does It Mean?

What Are Unfair and Deceptive Insurance Practices?

What is an Insurance Low Ball?



150 Legal Blog Posts: Injury Law, Bankruptcy, Drones & More

Boston Bomber Trial: Impartial Jury & Change of Venue

Contingent Fee Agreements

Donald Trump: Lightning in a Bottle

Expert Testimony: Toxicology

Fools In The Law

Fools In The Law 2014

Fools In The Law 2013

New Year’s Resolutions: Legal and Financial Matters

Pardons and Thanksgiving: Turkeys and Famous Pardons

Waive Child Support?



Are Taxes Voluntary? Federal Income Tax?

Backing Into Illegally Parked Car: Who is at Fault?

Burden of Proof: How Much Evidence is Enough?

Can Private Facebook And Other Social Media Posts Be Ordered Open If I’m In A Personal Injury Claim or Lawsuit?

Children Drawn To Danger: What Is The Attractive Nuisance Law?

Does Posting My New Job Online Violate My Non-Compete Agreement?

Is There Pain and Suffering for a Dog?

Minor Settlements: Why is Court Approval Required?

Name Wrong on Marriage Certificate: Marriage invalid?

That Never Happened Before – Defense to an Accident Case?

What Can You Do About Spam Email Abuse?

What Is The Three Reindeer Rule?

When Does U.S. Turn Clocks Back This Year?

Why are Lawyers Getting Involved in Deflategate?

Why Do Attorneys Say Don’t Talk About Your Case?



Are Parents Responsible For Bad Acts of Children?

Comparative Fault: Contributory Negligence & Apportioning Liability

Damages – Compensatory & Punitive Damages in Products Liability Case

Dram Shop Law– Injuries & Negligent Service of Liquor

Liability Waivers: Attempts to Avoid Injury Claims

Negligence, Gross Negligence & Willful, Wanton Conduct

Prescription Error, Pharmacy Negligence & Damages

Products Liability: Personal Injuries Caused by Defective Products

Vicarious Liability – Responsibility Flows Up



Broken Baseball Bat Hits Fan: Spectator Injuries & The Law

Causation and Negligence

Claims Against The Government

Class Action Lawsuits

Confidentiality Agreements in Personal Injury

Do-It-Yourself Follies

Dog Bite Cases in Personal Injury Law

“Eggshell Skull Doctrine”

Emotional Distress

Expert Testimony

HIPAA: Authorizing Release of Medical Records & Personal Injury

Independent Medical Examination in Personal Injury: the “IME”

Initial Consultation: Personal Injury

Injury Cases: 10 Reasons Not To Do It Yourself

Liability – No “Guilt” or “Innocence”

Life Expectancy Tables In Personal Injury Cases

Massachusetts PIP – Personal Injury Protection

Medical Malpractice

Mitigation of Damages in Personal Injury

Negligence Law & “Torts”

Never Give “Statements” in Your Injury Case Without An Attorney

Personal Jurisdiction Out of State

Preexisting Injuries and Conditions

Reasonable Person Standard

Res Ipsa Loquiter

Rules of Evidence

Settlements are Forever – A Full Final Release is Eternal

Slip and Fall Accidents

Snow and Ice Personal Injury Cases

Social Host Liability

Supplemental Needs Trust & Personal Injury

The Truth About The McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case

Video Surveillance: Used Fairly to Kill Personal Injury Cases?

What to do After an Accident



Can a Personal Injury Case be Reopened After Settlement?

Can Recreational Use Statutes Stop Personal Injury Claims?

Car Accident Claims Are Simple, Right? How Can There Be Hidden Perils?

Does Open and Obvious Defense End an Injury Claim?

How Are Personal Injury Claims Investigated?

How Can Waiting to File a Personal Injury Claim Hurt?

How Do You Prove Lost Wages After an Accident?

Is There Tax on Personal Injury Settlements & Awards?

Slip And Fall Cases: What Is Mode Of Operation Law?

What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

Why Do Personal Injury Claims Take So Long?



Is My Privacy And Security Protected If I’m In A Lawsuit?

Sony Hackers: Crushing a Movie and Exposing Private Information

Surveillance Cameras: When Do They Violate Privacy Rights?


Negligent Security: Property Owners Liable For Security Failure?

Premises Liability Law and Injuries

Property Dangers: Premises Liability

Uninsured Motorists: Car Accidents with the Uninsured & Underinsured



Be Careful With Internet Postings

The Yelp Bill & Prohibiting Bad Reviews Online



Benefits Defined By Law

Benefits & Job Injuries

Double Compensation


Who is Responsible?

Lots of lawyers blog.  Others don’t, thinking they’re ‘above it all’.  What distinguishes this blog is our goal of keeping it relevant and readable, with as little “legalese” as possible.

You can be a part of our legal blog by sending questions through our contact page or our apps.  You can also comment on any blog article by simply writing your thoughts in the data field below every blog article.

The way I look at it this is just a start.

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