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Legal Questions

Your Day in Court

What If I Didn’t Go For My Day In Court?

Can a civil case be filed more than once if there was never a real hearing in the court room?  On the first court date I couldn’t be there.  The second time the other person and I agreed to a settlement and didn’t wait around for the case to get […]

Three Reindeer Rule Saves a Nativity Scene

What Is The Three Reindeer Rule?

  The Three Reindeer Rule summarizes the law on when government Christmas displays are acceptable. U.S. Supreme Court “Three Reindeer Rule” In Lynch v. Donnelly, a 1984 U.S. Supreme Court decision, the court found that religious elements of a display were proper where they were part of a larger holiday expression including Christmas trees, […]

Non-Compete Contract Problems

Does Posting My New Job Online Violate My Non-Compete Agreement?

Can posting a new job on Facebook or LinkedIn violate non-compete employment contracts? A hairdresser switches salons.  She announces the change on Facebook.  Previous clients find her.  The old salon sues, claiming the post solicits their customers, violating non-compete and non-solicitation agreements signed by the hairdresser. The Vice President of a […]

Fools In The Law 2013

I write a biweekly newspaper column in New Hampshire’s Derry News.  Once a year I abandon efforts to answer reader questions or to review major legal cases.  Every April Fools Day, I review truly foolish occurrences in the law I’ve been saving up since the last April 1. Here is one of my columns, whose subjects reached new lows: […]

New Years Resolutions Legal Angle

New Year’s Resolutions: Legal and Financial Matters

  Resolutions: Lose weight.  Exercise.  Eat Healthy.  Great. But, here are some smart New Year’s resolutions to upgrade your legal and financial status: 1.   Balance & review all accounts monthly or more often.  Rampant identity theft and big box store security breaches make this one of your top resolutions.  Some people […]

backing into parked car

Backing Into Illegally Parked Car: Who is at Fault?

Question: One night it was extremely dark and I backed into a car. It was in a tow zone and there aren’t supposed to be any vehicles parked there. I go to this place all the time so I did not expect there to be a vehicle there. Am I […]

What can you do about Spam Email Abuse

What Can You Do About Spam Email Abuse?

Attorney Myers: I receive tons of junk email spam, so much that it makes it hard for me to sort through and find the important messages that I want to read from my friends and family among all of the junk. Isn’t there a law? Yes, there’s a law. The […]

Trash: No Expectation of Privacy

One Person’s Trash – Another Person’s Evidence

Q: How do I keep my trash private?  I’m involved in a court suit and my trash disappeared before the trucks came and I don’t think that’s right. A: Get a paper shredder.  Once trash is placed outside, there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy. It’s not a pretty picture, but […]

Credit Cards and High Interest

How Can Credit Cards Charge Such High Interest Rates?

How can credit card companies charge 30% interest?  Didn’t there used to be laws limiting what interest rates companies could charge?  This is outrageous. States can and do have “usury laws” limiting the amount of interest that can be charged by lenders.  The problem for consumers is a 1978 U.S. […]

Persisting Question: Are Taxes Voluntary

Are Taxes Voluntary? Federal Income Tax?

While everyone else is running out and filing their taxes, I keep telling them that I’ve heard that there is no actual law that makes people file taxes. Are taxes voluntary? Where is the law that makes people run out and file their taxes? This is one of those great […]

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